What is Mamoon about?

Once every thousand Earth years the planet Earth passes close to the planet Mamoon. On Mamoon there are beings who are very similar to humans. However, they lead very different lives and are able to communicate through their thoughts. They are happy and live by the rhythms of the planet.

Children on Mamoon do not go to school because school does not exist. But there are teachers – mentors – who are highly respected beings. The children meet their mentor whenever they want and can ask any question that occurs to them. They learn to explore the world around them and to contribute to the planet. No one ever learns by heart, and leisure is a very important part of life.

The main character, Ozmo

​The main character, Ozmo, feels a special bond with the planet Earth (called Gaia on Mamoon) and has learned how to appear in people’s dreams. However, contact with Gaians is forbidden on Mamoon because humans are regarded as primitive beings. Ozmo is convinced that this is a sweeping generalisation; he feels that plenty of people are driven by positive feelings and definitely want to contact someone exceptional from planet Earth.

In the meantime, it turns out that there is also a primitive tribe living on Mamoon that follows completely different principles for living than the rest of the inhabitants. Who are the members of this mysterious tribe, where did they come from, and does their existence have any connection to Earth?

A book for young and old alike

A book for young and old alike, as everyone can find something in it to inspire them to take a risk and open up to other, unexplored areas of human consciousness.

We all know what tremendous power lies within us.
Let’s use it! After all, we have long felt that the Universe is teeming with other life besides us Gaians.

Mamoon is the first part in a major series.


For those who see more, feel more and think more.

Mr Mo handed Ozmo the device, then asked him to put it over his eyes.
‘Now you’ll see something that’s invisible to the naked eye. You’ll see that life is the energy radiating from us. You’ll be amazed at how it can be harnessed.’

Ozmo put on something that looked like Earth glasses, and let out a gasp. He stood motionless for a long while, speechless. Around him, the world looked completely different. The desert was changing hues, with the colours of the rainbow rippling above it, enthralling him with the flickering lights. The mountains then seemed to expand slightly, and then shrank back to their normal size, and above them, too, he could see a multicoloured shimmering light. Wherever he looked, the glow created visible vibrations that blended into each other, rising and falling. Ozmo looked towards the Diamond Hills. They seemed to be shooting out thousands of rays in all directions, merging with the ocean, the sky and even himself. Some of the rays reached so high that there was no end to them, and then they bounced down from space back onto the hills, the beach and all the beings living on the planet Mamoon. Suddenly he felt a warmth and a blissful sense of oneness with everything around him that he could see with his own eyes.

For a moment he just stood still, in a daze. Instinctively he wanted to take off the glasses, but he felt so good in them that he hesitated. With them still perched on his nose, he just said:
‘How do they do that? Have they got special filters or something?’
‘Well, no,’ said Mr Mo. ‘What you’re seeing with these glasses is the truth unfolding, every second. A truth that your eye can’t see. It’s your eyes that have filters, and this device takes them off.’
‘I could feel it, but … To see it for real … Has anyone else got the gift of seeing all these wonderful things?’
‘Only enlightened Veos, like the Council of Elders, can see them. The glasses are only there to show you what to work towards in your life.’
‘Is there any way I could see something like this without the glasses?’
‘Of course. The Council of Elders can do it.’
‘But they’ve probably been around for a thousand years!’
‘Some of them even longer.’ Mr Mo smiled. ‘That’s why you can’t fool them. Whenever they want, they can see your thoughts, they know what you’re feeling. They know your every state of mind. Your thoughts emit a field around your body.’
‘Great,’ sighed Ozmo. ‘Better not think about anything with them around. But –’ He hesitated and reluctantly took off the glasses. ‘Why can’t I see all of this without special gear?’
Mr Mo stared deep into the boy’s eyes.
‘Because –’ He paused for a second and looked up at the sky. ‘Some of our ancestors were keen to hide their intentions from us.’

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